Saturday, September 17, 2011


VIA JKS twitter accountTranslation: sa-sha26 + skthtj + davewata + lovesears

Some of which are JKS' conversation with Park Shin Hye and others but it's not complete. I think Sukkie is getting addicted to twitter that it's really hard to track all his conversation. It's making me dizzy... kekeke. I would like to express my gratitude to all the translators. Thank you for your hard work and kindness. *hugs*
I have girlfriend(s)...which are my eels.. Haha RT @suminee17 @AsiaPrince_JKS GunChan♥ When you're meeting your girlfriend? ................. Haha, what do you think about me? *_* Hahaha
Anyway, I'm reading this....haha!! I only read about me!!!
She looks hungry....I want to shave my hair off like her..I'm reading a magazine in grass-eating man mode...
This is my dog...Suni. I had her hair cut...and it's very funny...Do you want the photo after cut? kkk

Who am I and Where am I...hey,how about lunch and beer with me? @Joosuc I'm very sick in the morning after a long time...ugh!

feels awkward.....RT @ssinz
[Picture] Park Shin Hye: Oppa (brother) i just upgraded my phone, all the phone number are gone. Please give me your phone number.

Keun Suk: ....
 This is ahjumma(aunty) is an eel.. Why she keep ask me to click below...Why there is no girls...?

[Picture] If you want to tweet so badly, how do you control it? Hehe, there's a lot of fats on your body? Hahaha

All Japanese girls who are waiting in front of the office. Even if you wait there, you will never find me!! Because i am at a very secret place. Hehe, don't chase Kare-man, go and have fun at Cheong Gye Cheon and play water.

Uhh.. sorry -_-;; RT @bigbrothersound : @AsiaPrince_JKS @ssinz really embarrassed

“@0z_z1: @AsiaPrince_JKS who is your ideal type?" ~ You!
[@jksjapan:] クッ…またドs発言が…”

@jksjapan: what??死にたい。。?

[Note: Mian... don't have the trans of the the above tweets]
Well, let's call this person

@jksjapan: LOL! I am sorry. I am going home right away! laughs

Oh Yeah!!! Finish shooting!!! Now I am being a "carnivorous" man!!! Shall i go find girls?.. Huhuhuh

@ssinz I didn't know.. You didn't call and tell me. Is it because you watched Knee Drop Guru yesterday? Hahahaha twitter is fun! Haha.

[NOTE: Do not misunderstand~ Shin Hye and JKS are just being playful]
Nah, it's just because he didn't follow me, so i wrote that.

[@ssinz:] How could you do this to me?I'll hate you~~~

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