Tuesday, September 6, 2011


CN Blue to release ‘In My Head’ single in Japan

Idol group CN Blue will be releasing their single, “In My Head” in Japan on October 19th.
CN Blue who has performed as an Indie group thus far has just signed a contract with Warner Music Japan and will kick off their Japanese promotions with their single, “In My Head”.
Previously, CN Blue earned the #1 spot on the Oricon Indies Chart, and recently the #3 spot with their final Indies album ‘392‘, which was released in Japan on the 1st.
CN Blue will be performing their solo concert ‘BLUESTORM‘ at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on the 17th & 18th, and cross over to Japan on the 25th to put on their last Indie concert at the Yokohama Arena.

SOURCE & Image : OSEN via Naver

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