Saturday, September 17, 2011


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JKS and PSH garners attention ^^
Jang Geunsuk and Park Shinhye's conversation on Twitter garners attention
Jang Geunsuk continues to garner attention on social networking site, Twitter, after his various exchange of messages to fellow Korean celebrities. Just two days ago, Jang Geunsuk created his own official account on the site and has been avidly updating his fans about his activities and whereabouts.

Earlier today, Jang Geunsuk's public conversations actress Park Shinhye gained attention from their respective fans.

Park Shinhye started off with updating her account with the message saying, "Everything on my phone got deleted while upgrading it!! I'm so sad!!" in which Jang Geunsuk comforted the actress with a reply saying "Awkward."

After the reply, Jang Geunsuk updated his own account with a screen cap of Shinhye's text saying, "I lost everything on my phone; send me your phone number." However, fans remained curious to their conversation as Jang Geunsuk didn't reveal his reply.

Meanwhile, fans who have read their conversations on Twitter immediately left replies saying, "Hallyu couple Park Shinhye and Jang Geunsuk, you guys seem close," "So cute," "Seeing this text makes me feel like that was for me," and "What are you doing not sleeping at 4AM!"

Park Shinhye and Jang Geunsuk previously acted together in the hit drama project "You're Beautiful," which eventually gained huge popularity in Japan and other countries and garnered a Japanese remake.

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