Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Japanese customs deny CNBLUE’s visas, band worries about schedules

CNBLUE has been denied entry into Japan because of visa issues.
On August 31st, CNBLUE arrived at Haneda Airport, but like B2ST, were denied entry because of some visa complications.
CNBLUE were supposed to attend an official schedule in Japan on September 1st for their major Japanese debut. If the issue does not solve itself at the airport soon, the members will have to return to Korea and sort out their visa problems there.
CNBLUE’s company stated, “Currently, we are working with our Japanese agency on quickly resolving the situation. We are trying our best to make sure that CNBLUE’s Japanese schedule does not get harmed by this problem.
In Japan, Koreans are given a 90-day, no-visa term if they are just visiting for a vacation. However, if profits are made through concerts and other activities (like in the case with CNBLUE), a visa must be obtained.
The visa issue has confounded many fans, as CNBLUE attended ‘Mezamashi Live‘ in Odaiba, Tokyo back on August 22nd.
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Source + Photo: MBN via Naver

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