Thursday, May 5, 2011

[updates]_shinhye's QQ_05.05.2011

[5.5.2011 Shin Hye QQ trans]
The sky of our world is May is very blue~ May 5 is CHildren's Day in Korea. When is Children's Day in China..? Finally leaving for Beijing tomorrow!! Very anxious.. See you at Tokyo Girls Collection on May 7~~~

5월은 푸르구나 우~리들세상~ 5월5일항국은 어린이 날이랍니다. 중국도 어린이날이 있나요..? 으아아 드디어 내일 북경으로 출발합니다!! 떨리네요.. 우리 5월 7일 TGC에서 만나요~~~

credit and repost from:
Park Shin Hye International Fanclub

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